Ways to become more active:

I was never an athletic kid. However, I raised an athletic son. He was always on the go. He played sports throughout the year. I saw his dedication and drive. Once he left our home to attend college, I began my own fitness journey. I discovered the benefits of becoming more active. I understand how our busy lives make us feel drained at the end of the day. But here are a few ways you can try to improve your life by becoming more active:

  1. Go for walks.
  2. Take the stairs.
  3. Clean vigorously.
  4. Park your car further away.
  5. Play with your pets.
  6. Pace/clean while on the phone.
  7. Set an alarm every two hours to remind you to move.
  8. Exercise while watching TV.
  9. Gardening.
  10. Dance! Dance! Dance!

Doing any physical activity is better than doing none. If you are not doing any physical activity, start by doing some and gradually build up. Most importantly, have fun while you’re doing it!


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