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Gluten-Free Baking Recipes, and What Makes Them Gluten Free

Baking is a wonderful hobby, and being gluten-free doesn’t need to stop you from enjoying that wonderful passtime. While we’re sure that you’ve got some great gluten-free recipes that you love to make, we’ve found these options that are utterly delicious in their own right. Try them out soon! Flourless brownies The wonderful thing that […]

What are Optimized Lifestyle Meals

Optavia Stuffed Peppers

Optimized Lifestyle Meals Our chef’s have formulated Optimized Lifestyle meals as our signature meals for individuals who want delicious healthy meals without all the restrictions of many fad diets. Like Paleo meals, Optimized Lifestyle meals are gluten free with healthy complex carbs like sweet potatoes. But unlike Paleo, Optimized Lifestyle meals add ingredients like rice, […]

Jicama: If it’s not part of your diet, you’ll add it after reading this!

What is Jicama? While you may have a hard time to pronounce the name, jicama (HEE-Kah-mah) is a vegetable, not a fruit. This round, fleshy vegetable can grow to be quite large, and its skin has a bark-like texture. Many describe the taste of jicama as being like an apple. Many refer to this vegetable […]

How Managing Sodium in Your Diet Can Help You Be Your Best U!

Salt and How It Affects The Body: Managing your daily sodium intake is important. With an increase in highly processed foods, salt intake has increased to a level as much as 50% higher than recommended for adults. The American Heart Association recommends 1500 mg for adults 50 and older and 2300 mg of sodium for […]