Same Great Meals, Exciting New Packaging For Healthier Meals

Vacuum Seal Packaging After Heating

New State of the art Vacuum Seal Packaging for Healthier Meals

You will soon see a new way of packaging for your OptimizeU.  We are so excited about the launch of our new vacuum skin packaging which will improve our menu for even healthier meals!  But have no fear, our packaging is changing but our meals are not! All meals will continue to be made with lean protein and fresh vegetables from scratch. Our recipes will not be affected at all by our new packaging.

Benefits of VSP

The new vacuum seal packaging (VSP) provides so many benefits.  VSP is a state-of-the-art packaging technique. VSP uses a thin layer of plastic film that is vacuum sealed to the plastic tray. The film encapsulates the food like a second skin. The vacuum sealing removes virtually all air around the food along with potential contaminants. Therefore, preventing microbial growth.  This keeps the meals fresh, longer. Shelf life of meals doubles from 7 to 14 days with VSP. Not only does the vacuum seal improve the shelf life but it virtually eliminates freezer burn so you can store food much longer without risking loss of food and money wasted.

Grilled Chicken Meal with Vacuum Seal Packaging

Our vacuum sealed trays are microwaveable and the packaging doubles as a steam cooker.  Simply place the sealed tray in the microwave for three minutes or less to fully steam heat the meal to perfection.  Steaming helps the food retain moisture, nutrients, color, taste, and freshness with no mess. Just remove the top skin layer and enjoy!                                                                                                                                                                           

Vacuum Seal Packaging After Heating
Vacuum Seal Packaging After Heating

More Eco-Friendly Healthier Meals

In addition to keeping the food fresher longer, no need for preservatives, and steam heating to retain nutrients, our new packaging is also more ecofriendly.  We will now be creating a smaller carbon footprint by cutting back on the number of plastics we use.  This also makes storing your meals easier by eliminating the plastic lids on our current packaging.  You will be able to store more meals in a smaller space in your fridge or freezer.

Shipping is Now Possible with Healthier Meals

Finally, VSP, which eliminates the risk of spills and broken containers. will allow OptimizeU to ship meals. And, since we remain the only meal prep provider offering Optavia specific meals, this allows the opportunity to offer our meals beyond our current service area. So, beginning January 2022, we are proud to offer our delicious meals throughout the Southeast region and beyond. Meals will be packed in dry ice, made in our facility,  to keep meals cold through the shipping process

So, when you see our new packaging remember it is:

  • state of the art
  • keeps the food fresher, longer
  • healthier with no preservatives
  • steams the food for better taste and nutrition
  • more eco friendly
  • easier to store
  • allows for shipping of meals
  • same great recipes as you’ve grown to love

Keep your eyes peeled for our awesome new packaging as we take one more step to keep you happy and healthy all while being super convenient!  All the things you know you can expect from OptimizeU!

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