Is jicama a starch? Is it low in calories and carbs? This veggie is composed of about 86 percent to 90 percent water, so it’s naturally low in calories, natural sugars and starch — and, therefore, it has a low score on the glycemic index. It fits most diets, including the vegan, Paleo and the ketogenic diet plan. Other jicama nutrition benefits include that it’s a good source of immune system-boosting nutrients such as vitamin C, magnesium, potassium and fiber.

Some benefits of Jicama include:

  1. Great Source of Prebiotic Fibers
  2. Supports Weight Loss and Blood Sugar Control so great for Diabetics
  3. Helps Increase Immune Function
  4. Benefits Heart Health
  5. Great for Digestion
  6. High in Antioxidant Vitamin C
  7. Supports Bone Health

You can see why we’ve added jicama to many of our Ideal Protein meals!