Ideal Protein Subsciption Box

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From $117.00 / week

Save when you subscribe and get the convenience of your meals being delivered right to your door with Free Shipping on all subscription orders!

Want to lose weight but can’t get in the routine of planning, shopping and cooking healthy meals! Let Optimize U do it for you.

Subscriptions are processed on Tuesdays of each week. When you subscribe, you’ll receive a variety of 12 Ideal Protein Phase 1 meals. Our menu changes weekly so you’ll never receive the same meals each week. And with our state-of-the-art vacuum seal packaging, meals have a shelf life of more 2-4 weeks and freeze and thaw well so there’s no risk of throwing away meals you aren’t able to eat within a week.

Our chef’s will prepare meals made from scratch with a variety of proteins including chicken, beef, pork and seafood. And all Ideal Protein meals have a total of 2 cups of pre-cooked vegetables.

Although this is a 1-month subscription, we’ve spread out your payments so that you will be charged weekly unless you skip, edit or cancel your order, which you may do any time after the initial 1-month subscription. Your weekly meal delivery will continue after your 4-week subscription until notification to no longer fill your order.

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